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Cyber Security Management

Cyber51 Introduction

Vulnerability management is no longer just about scanning. That's step one. To truly safeguard your organization today, you need an advanced approach to security. Our Cyber Security management methodologies will let you find system weaknesses, quickly fix the most important, and defend against future attacks.

Cyber 51's service enables a holistic approach to Security over Network Infrastructure, SAP Runtime, Private or Public Clouds, Databases or Web Applications, helping IT and security operations teams to make better decisions, faster.

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Vulnerability Management

These services are designed to manage the whole vulnerability management cycle across all your assets including network, infrastructure and web applications. Cyber 51 can present a complete and accurate picture of the security posture...

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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing services mimics an attacker seeking to access sensitive assets by exploiting security weaknesses existing across multiple systems. This service not only identifies individual vulnerabilities but also reveals...

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Security Training

Cyber 51 is the best source for high quality cyber security training. We have been training Information Security and IT Professionals for many years with a diverse lineup of relevant training courses. Cyber51 is the only company 100% dedicated...

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IT Security

These services are designed to help organizations in mission critical tasks like: patch management, system hardening, network security configurations and load testing services...

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Advanced Cyber Security

These services are designed to manage the client's cyber security in the deepest way possible, helping IT and security teams to build a strong security strategy across the company. Cyber 51's mission will be at this point...

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Physical Security

Cyber 51 has a strategic partner company run by former UK Special Forces, Security Services and UK/US Counter Terrorism Professionals. This allows Cyber 51 to offer Physical Security...

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